Tony Laverick

Black Vessel
24cm x18cm

All pieces are made 2017
All photos by Jack Laverick
All are thrown and turned using coloured porcelain before being decorated using glazes, slips and metal chlorides and oxides in multiple firings.

Tall Turquoise Vessel
31cm x 18cm
Closed Blue Vessel
17cm x 26cm
Turquoise Vessel
25cm x 18cm

From one firing to another it is possible to detect the constant metamorphosis of Tony Laverick’s work.

He is constantly expanding his limits, pushing boundaries and taking the risks necessary for growth. In his view, it is the willingness to take risks that distinguishes the artist from the craftsman.

With each piece, it is the form which is the main priority with the surface emphasising that form.

His approach to each piece is that of an artist to a canvas; the pot being his canvas and the glazes, his paints.

He strives to create complex, abstract surfaces; an intricate composition of colour, shape, texture and form which the viewer feels compelled to touch, hold and rotate to reveal the complex relationships.

It is this accessibility to ceramics which provides an immediate connection with the maker.

He says of his work “I hope that my work has an effect on people which is more akin to a feeling and cannot always be put into words.”


Born in Sunderland 1961. Trained in Studio Ceramics at Preston Polytechnic 1981-84.
Granted a distinction from the Society of Designer Craftsmen.
Worked in the ceramic industry in Stoke-on-Trent including Coalport China as a designer from 1986-88.
Set up studio in Leek, Staffordshire in 1988.
Fellow member of the Craft Potters Association.
Maker Member Contemporary Applied Arts


2017 3rd International Ceramic Biennial, Haacht, Belgium
12th Salon de la Ceramique Contemporaine, Normandy
2016 Bienniale Internationale de la Ceramique Saint Cergue, Switzerland
Loes & ReinierInternational Ceramics “The Vase” Exhibition
2015 Art Fair Tokyo, represented by Gallery St Ives. Tokyo
Contemporary Applied Arts Exhibition, London
2014 Contemporary Ceramics Solo Exhibition “Fired Alchemy”
Biennale de la Ceramique Contemporaine de Sevres, France
Mallam’s Auctioneers, Design of the 20th century
2013 Collect, Saatchi Gallery


The Ashmolean Museum, England
The City of Stoke on Trent Museum, England
Gmunden Museum, Austria
Museum Internationale della Ceramica, Faenza
Deutches Keramikmuseum, Dusseldorf, Germany
Maison de la Ceramique, Samedet, France
Adolph Egner’s Private Collection

I also regularly exhibit at:
Ceramic Art London
International Ceramic Market, Diessen, Germany
Les Tupiniers, Lyon, France
Keramisto, Millsbeek, The Netherlands
International Ceramic Market, Gmunden, Austria
Art in Clay, England
Potfest in the Park, England
Argilla: Aubagne, France and Faenza, Italy