Thea Bjerg

“Sunflower Mind”.
Polyester. Pleat experiment Flower Power 2015 project, early sketching phase, spring 2015. 30x50 cm
Photo: Thea Bjerg
“Renaissance Flowers”.
Silk satin. Printing on silk experiment Flower Power Project, early sketching phase, spring 2015. 50x100 cm
Photo: Thea Bjerg
“Laser Cut Lilly”.
Polyester. Laser cut /pleat experiment Flower Power Project, early sketching phase, spring 2015. 45x70 cm.
Photo: Thea Bjerg
“Blossom Embroided”
Silk satin. Printing on silk experiment Flower Power Project, early sketching phase, spring 2015. 50x100 cm
Photo: Thea Bjerg
“Dahlia Mind”
Silk organdy. Pleat experiment Flower Power 2015 project, early sketching phase, spring 2015. 35x50 cm
Photo: Thea Bjerg

In early spring Thea Bjerg started to work on her new art project; Flower Power 2015.

Bjerg is internationally acknowledged for her remarkable work with adding new expressions to the textile art. Continuously experimenting with materials, form and techniques, she creates her artistic textiles, using techniques such as pleating, laser cutting, printing, ultrasonic welding and more.

Flower Power 2015 presents a textile “flower universe”.

For the exhibition in Galerie Rosenhauer, Nov. 2015, Bjerg creates printed silk scarves, laser cut and pleated stoles and shawls, mirroring the colours, forms and silhouettes found in the botanical sphere.

Thea Bjerg

Born in Copenhagen, August 12th 1960
Run own studio since 1987
Member of Danish Artist's Society (The Danish Academy)
Member of the board of the Kold Christensen Foundation (Since 2007)


1981 Holbaek Art School
1982 Ulrik Hoff Drawing School
1983-87 Denmarks Design Academy, Copenhagen
2000-2001 Digital Design KTS, Copenhagen

Exhibitions (selection)

2015 Galerie Rosenhauer, Göttingen Germany
2008 Galerie Rosenhauer, Göttingen Germany
2008 CRAFTKontor, Bonn Germany
2008 CAG Laren Gallery, Holland
2007 Drud&Køppe Gallery Contemporary Objects, Copenhagen
2007 Objects of Desire Gallery, Kentucky USA
2006 Galerie Rosenhauer, Göttingen Germany
2006 Opening Exhibition, Galerie Werft11 Cologne Germany
2006 ”CC+ for MoMa”, Museum of Modern Art Stores, NYC
2006 Galerie Biró, Munich Germany
2005 ”Crafts Fair”, Museum for Applied Arts, Hamburg Germany
2005/6 ”Languages”, Gmunden, Frankfurt, London, Copenhagen
2005 ”AQUATIC-Shui Zhi Ling”, The Danish Cultural Institute, Beijing China
2005 The Art Society, Danish Design Museum Copenhagen
2005 ”Modern Masters”, Munich Germany
2005 ”SummerFestival”, Galerie Handwerk, Munich Germany

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Awards and Prizes

2014 The Solar Foundation Prize of Honour
2004 ”AQUATIC” Exhibition awarded by The Danish Art Foundation
2004 ”Aquatic” Book awarded : ”Papyrus Award” and ”Art Book of the Year” , Denmark
2003 Grand Prize of Honour, Kold Christensen Foundation (Crafts and Design)
2000 »Nagoya Design DO!« Intl. Design Competition, Japan, Silver Award
1995 The Book Prize. Danish Minestry for Cultural Affairs
1994 The Hetsch Medail: Silver (highest award)
1992 The Hetsch Medail: Bronce

Grants and scholarships (selection)

Centre for Danish Art 1997
Danish Crafts 2003 2004 2005
L.F. Foghts Foundation 2003
J.F. Ronges Foundation 1991
Otto Bruun Foundation 2006
Knud Hoejgaards Foundation 1992 1997 2002
Birgit and Joergen Varmings Foundation for Young Danish Talents 1992
Selmer Tranes Foundation 2002
Gunnar Gregersen Foundation 2005
Dalhoff-Larsen Foundation 2002
Foundation for Danish-Swedish Coorporation 1992
Thomas B. Thrige Foundation 1997
Dorthea Hammer Foundation 2003
King Frederik and Queen Ingrid Foundation 1996
King Christian X Foundation 1996 2003
Tage Vanggaard Foundation 2003 2006
The Danish Art Studios 1994 1996 1997 1998/99 2015
The Danish National Arts Foundation 1996 1998 1999 2000 2002 2004 2006
The Danish National Bank Foundation 1992 1993 1996 1997 1998 1999 2002 2003 2004 2015
Toyota Foundation 2003
Queen Margrethe and Prince Henrik Foundation 1997 1999 2003


Danish Broadcasting & TV
The Royal Danish Theatre, Odense Theatre
Aarhus Theatre, Margit Brandt Design
LEGO A/S, Danish National Museum
Danish Minestry for Cultural Affairs
Greve Museum, Georg Jensen
Royal Copenhagen, Peter Bysted Design
Copenhagen Cultural Capital 1996
Peter Kjær Time, Kvadrat Denmark
Barneys New York, Jytte Abildstroems Theatre
Storm Copenhagen, Louisiana Museum Shop
Danish Museum of Decorative Arts Museum Shop
Danish Design Centre Shop, Copenhagen Opera
MoMA Design Stores New York – and others


The Danish Design Museum textile collection
The Art Foundation of August 14’th
The Cotsen Collections, Los Angeles