Jonathan Rogers

Latham Vase
Blown Glass with batuto cut finish
40cm x 9cm
Photo: Steve Sant
Latham Vases
Blown glass with batuto cut finish
40cm x 9cm
Photo: Steve Sant
Thrust vessel
blown glass with etched lace texture
30cm x 9cm
Photo: Steve Sant
Lola vessel
blown glass with overlays and batuto finish.
14cm x 8cm
Photo: Tom Halliday
Graal Vessel
Blown glass Graal technique
18cm x 16cm
Photo: Simon Bruntnell

"I started blowing glass when I first became an apprentice at the age of 16.

Following the completion of my degree in Glass Design at Edinburgh College of Art, I was awarded the prestigious Broadfield House scholarship studio. 

In 2013, I launched my own independent glass blowing studio based in Clavering, Essex.

My work is fully hand made using traditional blowing and finishing techniques. Much of the work features multiple overlays of colour and clear glass, which are revealed through the cold-working process. Techniques such as cutting, grinding and sandblasting add refinement with a clean finish, as well as combining the use of texture.

Although the process of crafting each piece is often highly complex, the end results appear effortlessly stunning. I strive to capture the unique ability of glass to carry both light and colour.  It is these two basic qualities, which drive every new design from sketchbook to final polish.

Other themes running through my work include the exploration of texture, pattern and layering distinctive combinations of colour to add a sense of intrigue. Forms are modern, understated, fluid and elegant."

Jonathan Rogers