Verzeichnis aller Künstler

Irene Mbitjana Entata

Born in Hermannsburg in 1946

Training and Professional Experience

"When I was young, I saw the men painting at Hermannsburg. I saw Albert Namatjira's painting, and also Otto Pareroultja, Robert Pareroultja, Edwin Pareroultja and Raichard Mokjetarinja, when I was still at school." She learnt to make ceramics from Naomi Sharp from the Northern Territory Open College. She was invited to conduct workshops, demonstrate her techniques and glaze application at the 6th South Pacific Festival of the Arts in Rarotonga, Cook Islands in 1992, and at the Pacific Arts Association's 5th International Symposium "Arts, Performance and Society" at the South Australian Museum Adelaide in 1993.

Selected Exhibtions

1993 "6th South Pacific Festival of the Arts", Rarotonga, Cook Islands. 1995 "Experience Australia '95", Travelling Exhibition Galerie Nill, Berlin, Ludwig Forum, Aachen, Barbican Centre, London. 1995 "L'Angelo Ribelle", Museo Internazionale delle Ceramiche, Faenza. 1997 "The Somatic Object", Ivan Dougherty Gallery Sydney and The National Museum of History, Taipei. 2000 "This Earth For Us", Commonwealth Institute, London. 2001 "Spirituality and Australian Aboriginal Art", Travelling Exhibition Spain.

Major Commissions

1991 "The Two Twins Dreaming", tile mural for the Department of Education and Employment, Alice Springs. 1994 "Nature's Cyclical Story of Survival", terracotta tile mural for the Taronga Zoo, Sydney. 1996 Relief tile murals for the main entrance and throughout the Alice Springs Desert Park.


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Journey to Horseshoe Bend
Hand crafted, terracotta clay, underglaze
45 x 35 cm

Über ihre Kunst sagt sie: Wenn ich meine Gefäße bemale, male ich meine Ideen, mein Land. Meine Gefäße handeln von Kängurus, Kühen, witchetty grub [einer essbaren Mottenraupe - Endoxyla leucomochla] und Missionstagen. [...] Es macht Spaß, mit anderen Frauen zu arbeiten und sich übereinander lustig zu machen.

When I am painting my pots I am just painting with my ideas, my country. My pots are kangaroos, cows, witchetty grub and mission days. [...] it's fun working with other ladies, having a joke about each other.