Verzeichnis aller Künstler

Dawn Ngala Wheeler

Born in Hermannsburg in 1953

Selected Exhibtions

1993 "Central Australian Arts and Crafts Exhibition", Araluen Centre, Alice Springs. 1996 "Lyaarta Nurna Urrknga Mpaarama" (Now We Are Working With Clay) , Retrospective, Museum and Art Galleries of the Northern Territories, Darwin. 1996 "Objects From the Dreaming. Aboriginal Decorated and Woven Objects", Art Gallery of South Australia, Adelaide. 2004 "Arnanjapera Nanaka" (Our World), Bandigan Art, Sydney. 2005 "Arna Wurtja Kwartja Laya" (From the Desert to the Sea) Gadfly Gallery, Perth. 2006 "Pmara Nurnaka Eta Kuta" (Our Land Is Alive), Alcasto Gallery, Melbourne. 2006 "Senior Women of the Central Desert" Gadfly Gallery, Perth.


Jennifer Isaacs, Hermannsburg Potters: Aranda Artists of Central Australia, Sydney 2000, p. 134

Urpipatye - Parrot, 2006
22 x 15 cm
Hand crafted, terracotta clay,
Foto: Simha Koether