Chiara Pizzinato

Gilet con collo/obi
Stola incrotiate/obi
Stola incrociata in shawl version
Gilet con collo/obi

All photos by Nicola Giuliato De Vázquez

CHIARA PIZZINATO Accessorries are a range of haute couture’s accessories which rises in Chiara’s essence. Chiara’s accessories state her passion for colours, for the research of cloths and for the game of proportions. The study on new forms and textures is the result of an accurate project which allows to acquire versatile characteristics in uses and aesthetic. Accessories have been carefully prepared to satisfy the fantasy of the woman who wears them.


Chiara’s is a family story, one in which genes are passed silently and inexorably down from one generation to the next like some precious feminine secret ready to transform itself into something amazing.

Chiara Pizzinato graduated in Natural Sciences from the University of Padova where she specialized in botany, receiving her Masters Degree in Environmental Sciences from the Fondation Universitaire Luxembourgeoise, Belgium.

Setting out on a career in line with their studies, she worked for Verona maritime hydraulic-engineering company Technital as an environmental sector designer for about 10 years.

However, Chiara’s scientific knowledge is only a small part of her sublime, interweaving sensibility: to understand her is to love her.

Her botany background is the inspiration behind the clothes she creates. Her senses are rediscovered in the tissues of the universal laws that govern nature: the precise color combinations and graphics of the plant kingdom, the softness of a petal or the roughness of bark when placed upon silk and linen, the scents and smells that the fabrics hold.

Having never before been drawn to fabrics or textiles, it was by sheer coincidence that she attended a course in patchwork. Her natural creative enthusiasm, flair for improvisation and discovering new combinations of fabrics and colors, led her on an individual journey. It is here that her childhood memories forced their way to the surface: the materials used daily by her seamstress mother, the feel, smell and texture of the material, visual balance and the familiarities of a job that is art.

And so, in this way, between 2002 to 2004 Chiara established the company Le Tessiture, specializing in hand-made crafts, as well as the Treviso handcrafted couture atelier, Indigo of which she has been the owner since 2005. The artist’s genius emerges spontaneously whenever one’s hand or eyes make contact with her textiles. The resulting artifacts, be they fashion accessories or women’s apparel, are simply unique, one of a kind.

In 2003 Chiara won the U.S. textile competition "World Quilt Textile " in Michigan, CA. and took part in the "Forme Creative" Expo held in the prestigious Palazzo dei Trecento in Treviso.

In 2005 her work was exhibited at the Museum of Contemporary Art in Shanghai, as part of the "Shapes and Colours of Venice" show, and in 2006 she was included in the fourth edition of "European Art Quilts, The Netherlands."

Chiara has also participated in handicrafts fairs and exhibitions held in the Strassoldo (UD) and Sarmato (PC) castles as well as numerous fashion shows in Strasbourg, France.

While her creations are often the highlights of shows in Rome, Milan and Paris, Chiara always returns to the enchanting familiarity of her childhood home where she has built her studio. Like some never ending life cycle, Chiara expresses herself through her creations, only to be pampered and regenerated by the environment from where they originate, her roots intertwined with those of the "mother plant".

gilet con collo

The gilet con collo, double-faced, can be used as a scarf, or, using an obi (belt), as a top-waistcoat. It is made in either summer or winter version using natural materials such as cotton, damask wool, linen and silk. The accurate project of this accessory (in forms and inlays) makes versatile even this accessory.

stola incrociata

The stola incrociata can be used as a shawl, a top-waistcoat, a scarf, a hood or just as a precious ornament without a specific function. As every Chiara Pizzinato’s accessory line, the stole has a double-face, however the chromatic composition changes according to the form that the stole gets. The stola incrociata is made of cotton, linen and silk for summer and it’s made of silk, wool, cashmere and mink coat for winter.


The obi allows an alternative use of the stola incrociata and the gilet con collo, but it can also be used as a simple ornamental belt.